Few Common Offensive Gameplays In Boom Beach

There are a few things that you should remember when you want to play the game apart from the useful features that it already has. You must have a plan of action of your own and always attack to make the most kill to get more victory points. Therefore, you must build a strong army with the most effective artillery and for all these you would require a lot of money or resources. You would be offered with a plethora of options to gain the sift currencies in the form of free diamonds for boom beach, gold, wood stone and iron but you have to keep a watchful eye always throughout the game play. If you want to take the easy way out then you can use the boom beach guide tool for the same purpose.

Meat shielding and racing are the most common type of offensive game playing techniques that are followed while playing Boom Beach game for specific beneficial reasons. You can use troops that are high on health in the front line of offense so that your back line is always well defended. This is also a very useful strategy while fighting against those bases of medium health or those having high DPs single shot defense. Racings are done with riflemen in Boom Beach and race them in huge numbers to surprise the opponent defense with the sheer number of the troops.

Sniping and HQ are also some other strategies which you should avail while playing Boom Beach game due to their effectiveness. When you find that a base in Boom Beach is laid out having the HQ of the map at the back of it you should snipe it as it is more vulnerable. Use the areas that are covered with trees and are behind the foundation to attack the vulnerable HQ with sniper for your benefit. HQ racing by the warriors is also effective to destroy it as they are capable of causing high damage but make sure you support and guide them with smoke screens and shock bombs.

The Boom Beach HQ which is the hub of the base in your island and there are some tips to follow when you want to protect your HQ. You must protect it at all cost because if it gets destroyed then the opponent wins the battle and can take away all your stored resources. You should upgrade your HQ from time to time so that you can unlock new features and further strengthen your HQ. Make sure that other buildings in your map are protected as well because with every building destroyed your HQ also receives damage.

Apart from the above there are also some other tips to follow like collect more diamonds and assemble a good shield. Take notice of the islands and overcome the weaknesses found. Update the attackers with gunboats and landing crafts to move faster between places. Strike the ammo as it regenerates and you should also raise the vault limit to save your resources when you are under attack.

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