The Good and Bad of SimCity BuildIt

If you ever wanted to be the mayor of a city and run it by yourself, then SimCity BuildIt is the best game that will make your dream come true. At SimCity BuildIt, you are the mayor of SimCity and the residents of your city are called Sims.The ultimate purpose of your existence in the game would be to keep your Sims happy with the way you run things. From residential area to the industrial zone, you will have to look after the smallest of discrepancies and make sure to rectify it as soon as possible. If you do not pay enough attention, your citizens will be unhappy and leave the city.

The SimCity BuildIt game is free to download and play. The best part is that the game has amazing graphics and runs very smoothly on both Apple as well as Android devices. The game also provides an educational value to the kids who learn how to govern a city and make decisions for the betterment of the people who are dependent on your rule. The game is mobile-friendly and does not require the internet to play. In fact, the game will save your game and upload it to your account when you connect to the internet.

The game is a typical easier version of the other SimCity Games and does not offer a more challenging quest. Moreover, the waiting time involved when playing the game is also very high. When you start playing the game, everything gets done almost immediately and you will barely have to wait. However, as you gain more experience, you will notice that production of materials will take many hours and earning money will also become more difficult with every level you cross. This was the biggest drawback that tends to put people off from playing the game. To overcome this drawback, gamers can also enable their production during the time they sleep so that the material is ready by the time they wake up.

SimCity BuildIt is all about building the city. The residential area is where people will stay and you will have to provide them with all the essentials and this also includes electricity and water. The Sims are happy when there is a park near their home. So building many parks will keep all the residents happy. Similarly, the provision of general essentials such as police stations, fire stations, and hospitals are important and depending on the time taken to access these spots, the demand for houses in that area will also increase.

When the people living in your city are happy, they will pay more tax. Similarly, if they are not satisfied with a service that you provide them or require a new service to be bought, it will be brought to your attention immediately. If you do not take proper care of your city, the people living in it will leave and the city will die. Use simcity buildit cheats to make playing the game easy.

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